Underground Poster

$ 20.00

During the mid-20th century, Hell's subterranean location—coupled with a massive influx of residents—necessitated a new fangled rapid transit system. Due to the lack of light down below, color-based classification of the network was out of the question. Several power brokers championed the seven deadlies as a naming convention, an idea that gained instant traction.

The Underground system continues to evolve with infrastructure enhancements and advances in technology. Complaints that the system is confusing, prone to delays, and dangerous shall continue to be ignored by this office. What do you want? You're in Hell. Deal with it. And as always, thank you for choosing the Underground.

- 16 x 20 inches, vertical orientation
- Offset, black ink with satin aqueous coating
- 80# cover Cougar Opaque, smooth uncoated
- FSC Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, acid free
- Bluebloods ride for free, but should be alert at all times

Printed by Ace Graphics 
Copyright Dark Ops, LLC

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