About Hellbrand


Hellbrand started as a promotion for my graphic design business in which Hell was rebranded as a family-friendly tourist destination (www.helltravel.com). The campaign explored the finely honed techniques of the art of persuasion.

Original Spin

After launch, the Hell Travel promotion took on a life of its own, gradually evolving into a standalone enterprise. The newly dubbed Hellbrand became a practitioner of the art of persuasion in its own right. Hellbrand adopted the standardized look of corporate and political design, while implementing a logo that literally turned a universal corporate and political symbol on it head. This notion of inversion became a convention that informed all visual and verbal messaging of the brand. 


Hellbrand is the official merchandising partner of The Crossroads Commodity Exchange, Via Media Associates, The Campaign Investment Foundation, Versailles on the Potomac, District of Columbia Comics, Acronym Society of Sacramento, The Hysterical Paroxysm Society, The Rube Goldberg School of Management, Madison Avenue Museum of the Persuasive Arts, The Consumer Credulity Association, Prince Machiavelli Perfumers, Faustian Bargain Basement, The Company Store, Chico's Bail Bonds, Lupus Persisticus, Potemkin Village Assisted Living, and the Town of Celebration.